Life post-surgery

Life back home after my operation takes some adjusting to. I still have a head dressing that I can’t let get wet. So showers, once something I loved, have become something I’m a little scared of. I still feel weak and unsteady on my feet, so I’m nervous I’ll fall. It just means I need to take things slow. But for someone who is used to moving at a million miles an hour for most of my life, this is not so easy to come to terms with.

Before the operation I was super active. I would walk to work most days, just over an hour, and sometimes home as well. Throw in the odd Spin, Zumba and Yoga class and I was pretty damn fit. So one of the hardest things for me initially was not having enough energy to do much at all. I’m still on the steroids so I’m still eating a ridiculous amount and not burning it off and struggling to sleep more than two hours at a time. They make me a little grumpy too. Basically I’m feeling pretty shit. And my face looks puffy…really puffy!

One thought on “Life post-surgery

  1. Wow ….Pinky what a great way of writing it all down….I was there for some of your initial treatment and your take on it is so articulate and frank….keep writing…I love it…even though we’re talking about a life threatening situation it certainly has woken me up to our great relationship and I love you heaps….can’t wait for the next round of writing…love from down under Dad XXXX


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