Re-connecting with my Dad

One thing that has healed while my body suffers is my relationship with my dad. Technically he’s my step-dad but he raised me with my mum since I was about 18 months-old. In the past we struggled to keep in contact regularly after mum and dad’s relationship broke down and he moved back to New Zealand about 12 years ago. It was mostly my fault. I wasn’t great at picking up the phone and I felt protective over my mum who I felt had been unfairly maligned by their mutual friends during the divorce wash up.

My dad has delighted me in how he has handled my shocking diagnosis. He got on the first flight over that he could so he was here in time for my operation. He stayed in Melbourne for two and a half months and drove me to nearly every radiotherapy session I had, picked up food, ran errands…nothing was too much. But most of all he was a huge emotional support. I was terrified a lot of times in the beginning and he always talked me out of my fear. He is back in NZ now but our relationship is transformed in the most wonderful way.

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