Chemotherapy tablets

I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to take chemotherapy tablets at home. After all the time spent in hospital for my surgery and radiotherapy treatment I’m genuinely thankful for this. I’ve just finished my second 5-day cycle. The first cycle was a ¾ dose (250 mg) of Temozolomide. The second cycle was 350 mg and this will be my dose for the rest of the year.

The whole thing is, to quote my Dad, a bit of a ‘palaver’. I have to fast overnight, then take an anti-nausea tablet as soon as I wake up, wait an hour, then take the chemo, wait another hour before I eat and take my other medication and vitamins. It all feels a bit rough and chemically for an empty stomach so the mornings can be tough. And each day I’m on the tablets I feel exhausted up until the evening when presumably it starts to wear off.

But I do seem to bounce back the day after the cycle finishes. In fact, yesterday I went for a run outside in 32-degree heat. Perhaps not the smartest thing to do, but I was excited to have energy again! So I figure that if all I have to withstand is feeling super tired and a bit nauseous for 5 days a month that’s a small price to pay for treating and hopefully killing most of my cancer. It could be a lot worse.



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