A post from my beautiful friend Rhian

Everyone knows where they are for significant events, JFK, 9/11.

For me it was when my best friend told me she had cancer. It was the 20th September 2016. I’d been in a meeting at work and hadn’t looked at my phone in a couple of hours. When I did I had a message from Bon. “It’s not good news- they say I have a brain tumour and it’s Cancerous” what- no fucking way!

Let’s rewind, I met Bon through my now husband and we clicked instantly. I had a spiritual soul sister and life was good. We got on so we’ll we ended up living together and boy did we have a riot. Time threw us forward and I’d moved  in with my now husband but we were always close. Life was just so, nights out, plenty of giggles and the future was ours.

September 2016, I drove home from work in a haze to Bon. I walked into her place and her auntie lee and housemate chloe were there and I didn’t know what to do. I’m a gp- I kept thinking you should have known, why didn’t you see this earlier. I drove to a car park and called my mum in the uk. Tears running down my face, I couldn’t Imagine what the future held. Walking back into her apartment and seeing Bon so strong, I knew it was time to be strong too. I’ll never know how Bon Bon feels but far out I’ve been amazed by her strength. 

The next step- surgery. She’d lose her hair or some of it. I didn’t think it would be much. It was more than we thought- despite all that she took it in her stride and coped so well.

But surgery was only the first step and soon radiotherapy ensued. 5 days a week for 6 weeks In what I can only say was a mask similar to Jason from a horror movie.

Still she preserved but life had inexplicably changed. We think we are invincible until we realise we are not. 

And now it’s chemo for 12 months. And the thing is everyone else’s life goes back to normal apart from Bon’s. She’s been so incredibly brave and whenever I think about her I cry, not because she has cancer but because she’s this amazing human being living this journey in the midst of middle aged normality and because she carries it with such grace and because I am proud, proud to call her my best friend, proud to be in her life and I know that every moment, well it fucking counts.

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