The importance of timing in our lives

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the meaning and importance of time, or perhaps more timing, in all of our lives.

We all know that feeling when we’re ‘in the flow’ and everything seems to come to us so easily. I see that as being in sync with the timing of the universe. I know I feel it more when I’m meditating, writing in my gratitude journal and taking care of myself.

Then there are occasions when things don’t work out because of timing. I wrote a book about women and the AFL when Andrew Demetriou was still CEO. I got to meet with him in his office (terrifying!) but he was lovely and seemed genuinely thrilled with the concept and the women I had chosen to interview. However, his old dinosaur of a publisher killed off any ideas of an offer being made by saying there wasn’t an audience for it. Imagine what the reaction would be now!

I think about my brain tumour and if anything might be different had I pushed for an MRI when I had my first episode of speech arrest, around 4 months before the seizure. Would they have caught it by Stage 2 rather than 3? Probably not, but it often gives me pause for thought.

And in terms of the seizure … what if I had it a mere two minutes later when I was driving? I was literally lowering myself into the driver’s seat when it happened. If there is ever a good time to have a seizure it’s when you’re not driving! That was a definite instance of good timing.

What are the lessons to be learned when things don’t work out because of timing? That’s the difficult part. It’s all too easy to feel disappointed and dis-heartened but I do always try and look for the lesson … no matter how deep it may be buried.

A bit of a deep thought starter for a Saturday morning but it was on my mind so thought I would share.

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