Chemotherapy tablets

I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to take chemotherapy tablets at home. After all the time spent in hospital for my surgery and radiotherapy treatment I’m genuinely thankful for this. I’ve just finished my second 5-day cycle. The first cycle was a ¾ dose (250 mg) of Temozolomide. The second cycle was 350 … More Chemotherapy tablets


I’ve really struggled with deciding whether or not to freeze my eggs. There is a chance, how good I don’t know, that the chemotherapy pills I’m about to start taking will damage my eggs and my ability to become pregnant in the future. So I met with an IVF specialist out at Monash last week. … More Babies?

Beautiful Bali

In-between my radiotherapy and chemo treatments my aunty and I decided to take a short 8-night break in the beautiful Bali. I love this place and have been here many times. It’s sort of like my spiritual home and for a year when I was 12 it was my actual home. My parents built a … More Beautiful Bali

Small talk

It’s really hard to know what to say when the shop assistant asks ‘Got much on for the rest of the day?’ and you’re heading to your radiotherapy treatment. That happened yesterday when I was indulging in a little retail therapy with my Dad. We both sort of froze when she asked and looked at … More Small talk